Antonia is a visionary and a founder of the Bodyflow Retreat Center.
From an early childhood on, interest in movement has been Antonia’s passion.She has graduated at The University of Kinesiology. During her university years she had been a professional rower. The motivating university environment has introduced her to the world of fitness.

In 2005 she had started to teach different fitness programs which has made Antonia experienced in working with athletes and people who are in the process of rehabilitation.

The first discipline she had deeply fallen in love with was pilates and nothing has changed since. She still teaches it and practices it with huge dedication and love.


In pursuit of new knowledge and personal development she has evolved deep connection to spirituality and its ties to a physical body. The life path has steered her to the Indian studies which involve different yoga styles: vinyasa flow, ashtanga, prana flow…

The natural course of things has lead her to soon become a Vinyasa flow teacher, as well as  an E-RYT200. Since then, she has been passionately dedicated to the creation of a platform whose sole purpose is to enable people to truly understand their bodily structure and function, as well as to find the purpose on their path and to explore what they have to give to the world.


The cornerstone of the platform is BODYFLOW pilates&yoga studio which has been established in Split in 2012. Antonia is not only the owner and the founder of BODYFLOW pilates & yoga studio, but she also teaches and organizes public classes and workshops as well as Bodyflow Yoga Teacher Training. Her devotion and love for what she does has been recognized by other yoga enthusiasts- Antonia`s students and fellow yoga teachers. The best of them have become the valuable members of BODYFLOW teacher team.


The desire to present yoga as a self- appreciation practice meant for the well-being of every person has led Antonia to found Yoga Retreat Center as  an extension of her work at BODYFLOW studio. Yoga Retreat Center  provides welcoming atmosphere for the experienced yogis as well as those who are new to the practice. The aim of the Yoga Retreat Center  is to expand yoga community and strenghten the bonds between its members.


Antonia`s classes are a fluid blend of the experiences gathered during her educational process and her own natural instinct. She is grateful for her training. She is grateful for the numerous guides on her path. She is grateful for the practice.


Petra is a retired professional athlete and ex taekwondo national team player who dedicated her life to sports from early childhood. Two European championship bronze medals are definietly worth mentioning among her best sport results.

Petra graduated from both the University of Kinesiology and the University of Economics as well.

She is in constant search for knowledge in area of sports and healthy lifestyle, spending her spare time in search for further improvement.

She enjoys practicing different styles of yoga for more then ten years now and keeps finding her zen in Bodyflow yoga and pilates centre where she completed her teacher training and became a RYT 200. She has been teaching yoga classes there since 2018 with pure passion and devotion to each yogi.

After twenty three years long sports career and experience in sports rehab working as a kinesitherapist, her classes are fusion of safe challenges and restorative poses. This way she teaches her students how to get to know their bodies and accept that there are moments for breaking their limits and those for reminding themselves where the limits are as well.


Positive changes one can feel quite fast on physical level, and with time on all other aspects of being have drawn Maja into the world of yoga more than 15 years ago. It all started as a hobby during her studies at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. After she moved to Canada, she started working for one of the largest yoga studios on the Canadian west coast which led her to dive deeper and sign up for teacher training. Maja is a certified yoga teacher since 2014 when she completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga program in Vancouver. She continued her yoga education by attending various courses and workshops which led her to the completion of 500-hour teacher training in 2017. Maja is certified to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga.

She has been teaching classes, partly as a volunteer, or as a part-time job in Canada and Croatia, as well as in other destinations around the world, where she travelled. Most of her free time she spends in nature. Maja is an avid hiker, passionate traveller. She loves both summer and winter activities.

Yoga gives her comfort and peace even when nothing makes sense. Through practice, she finds the purpose of just being, breathing, finding joy in little things and those everyday moments of pure happiness.

Maja’s approach to teaching is relaxed and open, she will guide you through a simple flow with a dose of humour and enthusiasm, reminding you of the essentials; conscious alignment of breath, movement and intention.


Zlata spent her early childhood and teen years in Split and Dubrovnik. She always dreamt of travelling and living abroad. She was always fascinated by people, places, and different lifestyles. Her dream came true when she moved to US and later to Canada after graduating from university. She lived in Canada for 8 years.

During her life in Canada, she fell in love with fitness and decided to become a personal trainer alongside pursuing career in hotel management. She combined bodybuilding with relaxing techniques of different yoga styles; Bikram, vinyasa, power yoga.

After living abroad for more than 10 years, Zlata finally returned home in 2013. Coming back to Split she discovered a whole new world – islands, mountains, countryside, and all her discoveries had a story to tell. She fell in love with cycling and found peace in the mountains.

In Split Zlata reconnected with yoga. When she came to Bodyflow studio she found another place to call home. When opportunity came along to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200), Zlata was ready. Her style is dynamic, fun, and calming. Music plays a huge role in her life and class. She is now ready to share her experience with others and help them find inner calmness through practice.